Lubbock High School Class of 1954

55th Reunion Photos 4

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Gene Holeman, Pat Hartsfield, Sylvia & Lonnie Peek, Doug Lindsey and Don Barton

John & Marilyn Goodwin Clark (’56)

Claire Gililland, Joe Love Stogner Nelson and Suzanne Allen

Bill Pittman

Ronnie Christian, Kim Loveless (’52) & Nancy Abbott Loveless and Bill Breedlove (’52)

Carroll Allen and Jerry Gililland

Suzanne & Carroll Allen

Murray Cooper, Claire Gililland, Ronnie Christian and Tom Staples (Peggy’s brother)

LHS Cafeteria coffee Saturday morning, May 2, 2009

Pat Young, Cathy Smith and Joe Dale Bryan (Charlie (’52) & Jane Corbell Moore in background)

Charlie Moore (’52), R. G. Box, Glenda Keyton (back, bright blue), Don Barton, Janie Tripp Box (’64), and Jim Watson

R. G. Box, Don Barton and Jim Watson

Coffee in LHS cafeteria

Claire Gililland showing LHS photo scrapbook

Bill Pittman, Andi Brackett and John Clark

Dan Shipman, Murray Cooper and Shell Cunningham

Kathy Pharr (’58), Joe Dale Bryan, Gene Holeman and Jim McCullough (Beth Hester’s husband)

Don Barton, R. G. Box and Joe Dale Bryan

Jerry Gililland, Joe Dale & Joan Bethany Bryan

Rebecca Wilson Wylie and Glenda Keyton

Gene Holeman & Kathy Pharr (’58), Patti Bacon and Shell Cunningham

Jim Watson, Loyd Cunningham, Dan Shipman and Rodger Scott

Bill Pittman and R. G. Box

Bill Pittman, R. G. Box, Joe Dale Bryan and Claire Gililland


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


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