Lubbock High School Class of 1954

A Tribute To Charles Flowers

Tribute to Charles Flowers…A Good Man

Rooted deep in his bones were innate desires to treat all people and God’s creatures with respect and caring… and to keep himself anchored to his words, promises and family heritage.

Never allowing vindictiveness or smallness to enter his vocabulary or actions… or 6’2” frame, his rather steady dependability, genuine empathy, iron character and kept promises were his hallmarks… that he lugged around everywhere he went.

 A good steward of the good High Plains earth; a good lunch buddy…once a loyal, exuberant, Westerner rooter… later transformed into a Red Raider “yeller” that could drown out section 102’on the West side…and stimulate Raider QB’s to throw for the gold.
We’ll remember his resonant bass voice, his welcoming smile that put others immediately at ease, his calm demeanor that carried i its own moral forcefulness.

We’ll remember his trust that flowed from his truthfulness, his conventional West Texas wisdom that rarely ever failed in commanding attention.

And we’ll remember his cheery antics, the good earth that stuck to his boots, his jeans, and sometimes under his nails.

And I’ll remember a comment he made at one lunch gathering 1 attended in Lubbock: “It’s “the smaller things we do in life that build personal integrity and a good life.”

When I think of Charlie now… I think of wisdom written
by Thornton Wilder: “What is essential to build a good life does not die but clarifies.”

Today we know the highest tribute we can pay Charlie is not grief, but gratitude for his gifts of a good life, generously sprinkled with enthusiasm, hard work…and a genuine interest in others.

Pat Hartsfield 5-31-09