Lubbock High School Class of 1954

50th Reunion Photos 4

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Linda Rogers Christian (’57) (Ronnie’s wife) and David Hopson                         

Bob Dunn and Welton Jones

Donna and Donnie Carroll and Shirley Mathis (Gene’s wife)

(Background) Joe Dale Bryan and Bobby Key, (foreground with backs to camera)) Joanne Pinkston Ledwidge and Rebecca Wilson Wylie, (far right Mary Jane Hartley Shannon)

Shirley Caldwell Stone, Dannny Claborn,  Robert Goad (back to camera) and Jimmie Whitacre

Jeannie Cailloux Simpson and Joe Putman (Mary Ann Munn‘s husband)

Bill Simpson (Jeannie Cailloux‘s husband) (background Ron McKim and Judith-Annette Milburn)

Ray Page and Dan Shipman (right background seated Lonnie and Sylvia Peak)

Lynn Davis (Johnny’s wife) and Peggy Dunn (Bob’s wife)

Larue Mauldin Hunter (’57) and Jimmy Hunter

Joe T. Garrison and Doris Moran

Dale Ball, Johnny Buck and Gene Holeman

Shell Cunningham, Bobby Key and Welton Jones

Jerry Gililland, Bobby Key and Welton Jones

Sandra Hitch Martin and Joe Dale Bryan

Leonard Jarett and Jerry Gililland

Clinton Smith, Nancy Abbott Loveless and Beth Hester McCullough

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