Lubbock High School Class of 1954

55th Reunion Photos 3

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Shell Cunningham, Doug & Katey Lindsey

Nina Smith Glenn

Janice Newsom Tapp and Patti Hill King

George Nelson, Gene Holeman, Kathy Pharr (’58), Tommie & Ed Haney

Nancy Abbott and Kim Loveless (’52)

Friday night reception at Holiday Inn

Marilyn Goodwin Clark (’56), Ava Willingham (’55) & Jimmy Ray and Jim Copeland

Claire Gililland

Saturday night dinner at Lubbock Women’s Club

Beth Hester McCullough, Suzanne Allen, Jim McCullough and Carroll Allen

Carolyn Andrews Cooper (’55), Betty Shewbert Dotts and Murray Cooper

Jimmy Joe Stanford, Sara & Jim Watson

Jim Copeland, Shell Cunningham and Jim Watson

Jane Corbell Moore, Nita Wood & Dick Lowrey (’53) and Tom Brady (Barbara Stanford in black)

Harvey “Sonny” Allen, Jim Watson and Jimmy Joe Stanford

Dick Lowrey (’53) and R. G. Box

Roger Milburn (Judy’s brother) and Joe Dale Bryan

George Nelson, Rodger Scott and Tom Brady

Carroll & Suzanne Allen

Sylvia Billings Etter

Jim & Sara Watson, Jimmy Joe Stanford

Suzanne & Carroll Allen, Jerry Gilliland and

Jim Whitacre, Joe Gray, Shell Cunningham and Jerry Gililland

Dan & Mike Fry and R. G. Box

Claire Gililland and Mary Jane Hartley Shannon


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